• this site/ website/ blog : https://swapnilnakate.in.
  • me: Swapnil Nakate.
  • you/ visitor: anyone who is viewing this website/ is currently on webpage of this website.


  1. Using this website you agree to the terms.
  2. This website solely maintained by me and will only be responsible for the content written, also hold the authority for the same.  Except as and when stated, I shall not be responsible for the content quoted / referenced by me.
  3. As some of my content is unique use of which elsewhere without my prior knowledge may be considered as the copyright act violation, in the event when I am concerned about sharing the same.
  4. This blog represents my personal views on things, people, places or anything else I am mentioning about. My views may or may not be similar to your’s but considering the fact that we all have the freedom of expression we all have right to take our stand.
  5. We all have our own believes and core values based on which we express our views and concerns in the society.
  6. You may find some referencing in this blog like recommendations for few sites, It is your own decision whether or not to act upon it.
  7. For any judicial procedures Mumbai High Court shall be the place.

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