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   Hello you all..! If you are reading this it seems you already got the ILP (Initial Learning Program) location as Trivandrum Kerala or might be exploring the possibilities.I am staying at Scarlet Hostel so experiences may differ for different premises but most of the boys get this as an accommodation. Please bare with me till the end I am sharing my first week experience with you.

  Accommodation: Provided by TCS itself for security purpose and it’s beneficial too. deadline to enter in the premises is 9:00 PM no entertainment after that. its strict…!
Food: Don’t complain you won’t be getting your favorite food here if you do so you are lucky…! I had my snack and lunch at TCS and at night I am managing with canteen outside the hostel.
   Tea: I found it better at Peepul Park Canteen(PPC) than in CLC. It becomes harder outside to drink if you want to try give it a try.  
   North Indian Thali: Same at the both the canteens.
  Coffee: I tried at the PPC it was good not sure about CLC.
  Non-Veg: Egg & Chicken related things are available at everywhere, As for non-vegetarians no issues. (I haven’t Tried fish at here yet)
  Travelling: You can avail the bus facility at here only thing you have to do is book a bus one day prior for both the purposes pick up and drop. On holidays you have to manage by Auto/ other Cab Services. At here Auto costs same as Cab Services (Expensive sometimes). By chance if you miss the bus Scarlet Circle to workplace Rs 80/- and same is for the return. Auto is available right in front of the both the gates (Scarlet Circle and The Technopark Campus).
  People: People around here are good but depends on the situation you are in. If they feel your tone different you may get into trouble because of mis-communication only, nothing else is the catalyst here to get into trouble. Try smiling, low tone, English most of the times and be polite with everyone.
  Locations: Accommodation is around 4 Kms away from the Technopark where  the workplace is and around 16 Kms from the Domestic Airport, Trivandrum Central Railway Station.
   All this information is based on my first week experience it may differ or change after sometime especially the prices and taste of the food. One thing to keep in mind here is if you are not mentally prepared to manage on our own do it. because if we don’t we lag far away than we supposed to be. Take it this as an opportunity to solve real life problems on your own that’s how we humans evolve and align with the flow.

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    Thnku Nakate….It's very helpful for me to explore ilp…..

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