Documentation For EduSrch ??

   Most important thing I am requiring right now is documenting the each and everything of EduSrch.  specially second version of it.  For second version I did few video’s recently. Also the written documents will be made soon available on the internet.  Also we will be requiring users to have sufficient knowledge of LateX. In order to do that very soon latex code’s will be made available on EduSpace. Which will consists of basics required to write LateX codes for formulae.

Also EduSpace will be publishing Ebooks for User’s for free of cost. It’s time to redesign EduSpace very soon. Basic Sections of It going to be as follows

  • E-Books
  • EduSrch v2.0
  • Projects
  • Previous Year Question Papers
  • Career Counselling
  • Coded
  • Rankings

Further Sections will be added as per requirement’s. In Projects section there will be Presentations, DIY Project Information, Source codes, and lots of stuff. In EduSrch Section latest updates about EduSrch and LateX learning will be provided along with the Documentation of EduSrch.

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