What Next??

After Developing basic search engine what should be the next step? I am thinking on this a lot nowadays. This is happening might be because of all the possibilities with this search engine. There is a ocean of things to do with this search engine. Basically this differs from normal search engine by one additional programming language i.e. LateX. With this concept of the search engine.

I have been thinking about future scope of this search engine. There was basic requirement of it in last week. i.e. Menu….. I added that too. I am thinking for following things right now


  • Recent Searches
  • Suggestions (like you might also search for etc.)
  • Print Option for user
  • UI Modifications
  • Splitting Xplanation page for Formulae/ Definitions/ Law’s means different UI for each page

If there will be lot’s of information in this search engine this will end up like wikipedia which I do not want to do….! What I wish is each and every student from various part of the world should be able to know / Understand the formulae / Definitions / Law’s easily. Unlike wikipedia / WikiHow This can give better results. Better understanding to students.

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