EduSrch v2.0 | Appeal

 EduSrch v2.0 needs some modifications yet. Since last month it was displaying Search results in terms of Images and Explanation page in LateX. Now the search results will appear in LateX and also the Explanation Page.  Basically Website is going to be in HTML, PHP, and LateX these programming Languages mainly.  Now What Next?? The Next thing I am planning to do is Database Collection step by step for each thing accordingly. Sequence is as follows.

  • Formulae
  • Definitions
  • Important Law’s
  • Scientists’ Information

For this I planned to collect information as fast as I can so if you are interested please submit the information regarding anything you know from above mentioned four points and your submitted information will be on Educational Search Engine. Also person submitting Maximum information will be awarded every month.

[NOTE: All Submissions Will be cross checked First and then will be added to EduSrch ]

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