Advertising With Facebook?


Social Network Advertising is New technique to reach to the customer’s but what exactly happens with that?

    Mostly when you create any campaign for any social networking website it will display adds as per user interest . This trend will be altered if your campaign is running at higher cost, i.e. they will display your adds in target area irrespective of user interest and the sole purpose of advertising goes wrong.
What Happens in Search Engine Advertising ?
  When you advertise on any search engine for ex. Google.  It will display adds according to term user searching. In short search engine will display your add only that particular person which will be having interest in similar products as you are campaigning for. Now here according to your campaign budget adds will be displayed. i.e. fraction of displaying your adds in your area will be decided and that much users/ Customer’s will be targeted for your campaign.
In short Social advertising is just a waste of money and time it fails to built up customer relationship better. rather than this it fails to reach exact customer. Instead Search Engine Advertising with area selection will give you proper results because everyone is looking for nearest shop keeping in mind future aspects like Maintenance/ Replacement/ Support. This will help in growing business irrespective of how much is your business is.

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