EduSrch v2 Educational Search Engine

    Introducing EduSrch v2.0 This is Next Version with modified Background, Formula Page and Much More. EduSrch v2.0 is based on HTML, PHP, Java Script, CSS, LATEX in addition. Most Important Feature about this version is its LATEX Language. In previous Version I Had “.jpg” files for each formula, Instead I am Using LATEX for each Formula. Above is the First Page of EduSrch v2.0. 




    When You Click on “Xplain” You will get an explanation of respective Formula. Each Formula in EduSrch has ID and fetched from database for each time you search this is similar feature as it was in previous version. Now on Next page i.e. explanation page of formula you will see the modification. I have introduced Few Sections as they will fulfill all the requirements to understand any formula. EduSrch works for Formulas, Laws, Statements as well.
Modified Blocks in EduSrch v2.0


  • Explanatory Image:- This will be the self Explanatory Image for each formula, Law, Statement you wish to understand.
  • General Unit:- This is the usual units for each Formula
  • Other Units:- If any formula has other units it will be displayed here
  • Description /Xplanation/ Derivation:- This will be the more information for you to understand each and everything Better


 [ NOTE : EduSrch v2.0 works with Chrome / Opera / Safari Browser Only ]

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