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Introduction to EduSrch v2.0. This  video will explain you better how to search formula / definition / laws in EduSrch.  Also you will get to know about how to get detailed information about this search engine. It does work like any normal search engine say google, bing but it gives you formulae as a search results directly instead of personalised search results like above said search engines.

You might often seen that your search results are different than the your friends when you both signed on google while searching something. This is because the personalise everything on internet strictly speaking you only see what they think you might be looking for….! But actually those search results are different than normally user wants it.

Also in search results you will get detailed information rather than getting formula if you re wishing for it. But at EduSrch you will get directly formula in search results and if you require detailed information you can go for it simply by clicking on “Xplain” link provided in search results.

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